Arabic Journey

About Us

The Arabic Journey programme was set up for one very specific reason. For years we've asked our students "why do you want to learn Arabic?" and almost invariably we got the same response; "to learn the language of the Quran". It got us thinking... Can we not teach Arabic directly from the Quran? And can we do it whilst retaining the depth of studying Arabic Grammar and Morphology in a traditional syllabus? It turned out all of this was possible, and more. We identified the handful of rules that give you 80% of the benefit without breaking a sweat! And we didn't stop there. We carefully identified the most commons words in the Quran and used them as our examples to quickly and efficiently build your vocabulary. Now you can learn through repetition enjoyably, going through different verses of Quran safe in the knowledge that each word is giving you maximum benefit for your effort. It didn't happen overnight. We've spent the best of a year carefully crafting every lesson, running trial classes, collecting feedback from our students and changing and tweaking parts accordingly. And today we are proud to offer to you the Arabic Journey. We've priced it at a fraction of the cost that you would normally expect to pay so that it is not prohibitive for those of you who want to connect to the language of the Quran. And its taught by one of the most inspiring female teachers that the UK has to offer.

Our History

Our team were involved in pioneering the Path to Salvation course which is a first of its kind syllabus teaching British Muslims the basics of faith using beautifully designed notes and a unique teaching style.

We set up the Sacred Texts Syllabus to offer British Muslims a chance to deepen their knowledge of Islam and the Arabic language through an integrated and competence orientated syllabus.

The majority of our graduates are pursuing further Islamic studies and or currently teaching. For example, three of our students are studying PhDs and a further 2 completing their Masters in world renowned institutions such as Cambridge University and SOAS. All this was made possible through their study of Arabic with us.

We have a reputation for being meticulous, and going above and beyond for our students. If you join us, you will be joining our family. You will have access to the Arabic Journey programme as well as all our live webinar that we do during the year. And you will also get free access to all the additional resources we are currently producing.

Meet Our Lead Instructors

Ustadha Dr Anika Arshad
Teacher and Student of Knowledge.

She studied for 6 years  under the tutelage of Shaykh Sjaad Hussain and Shaykh Shammas Tabraiz, graduating from  Sacred Texts Syllabus in 2019, obtaining Ijaza Aaama (teaching licences)  to teach various Islamic Sciences. She has also been actively developing and teaching Open seminars under the Sacred Texts Syllabus umbrella, with special interest in Fiqh of issues affecting women and the Inner Dimensions of Worship. She is currently part of the team involved in developing The Arabic Journey, an online course to teach Quranic Arabic in simple 15 minute lessons. She is has also developed teaching modules for various religious sciences to benefit the future students.

She has also been under the tutelage of Shaykh Dr Asim Yusuf for the past 6 years, studying with him: Ghazali’s Ihya Ulum Uddin, Islamic Metaphysics, Aqeeda, Names of Allah and various other subjects.

She studied various Islamic disciplines in the Husna course under Shaykh Ahmad Sa’ad Al-Azhari. She is a member of the British Board of Scholars and Imams, as well as on the advisory committee of the Solihull Hub. 

Ustaadha Anika currently resides with her husband and son in Solihull.

 She is a practicing dentist, working full-time at her practice in Birmingham

Shammas Tubraiz

Shammas Tubraiz began his studies in 2002, studying theology and basic to intermediate level Shafi’i and Hanafi fiqh. In 2004, he began studying sacred knowledge under the tutelage of the esteemed Shaykh Rasul Baksh Sa’eedi, studying many of the Islamic sciences and receiving teaching licences in them.
Ustadh Shammas is a co-founder of ‘Sacred Texts Syllabus’ and ‘Honouring Tradition’, an initiative to address common misconceptions and issues affecting the Muslim community, which has developed an online platform where individuals can ask relevant questions and resolve often complex inter-personal matters.
Ustadh Shammas currently resides in Birmingham with his wife and three children, and alongside community activities, he works full time in the NHS, teaches private advanced Islamic studies classes, and is currently completing a Master’s Degree in Public Health Informatics.